Friday, April 30, 2010

Song of the Week (Band of Horses - Is There A Ghost)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It appears JZ, Founder of this blog and Guardian of our beloved SOTW, has stepped out of Texas for the weekend. Alas, it's hard work, but someone's gotta go to Jazz Fest. That being said, I've been temporarily appointed as Joint-Managing Conservator of this precious gem. Good to be with you.

This installment of SOTW is a very special one, and it reflects the heavy anticipation of BOH's new album, Infinite Arms. For the moment, we'll pretend as though the album wasn't leaked weeks ago via the interwebs.

Without further ado, I present to you Is There A Ghost:

Discovering the genius that is Band of Horses on a roadtrip through Costa Rica, I can affirm that this song goes down best with highways, rolled-down windows, and cigarettes. If you haven't started smoking, you probably should. It's amazing.

So set this guy on repeat, roll down your windows, and jam the Eff out. It's a good one.


Benton W.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Song of the Week (Sublime - Badfish)

In anticipation for the Slightly Stoopid show this Saturday night, I commenced a week-long listening session of the Stoopid catalog along with their influences: Horace Andy (Dub), Bob Marley (Reggae), Sublime (Punk-Rock-Reggae-Ska-Dub). Isn't it great to rediscover how awesome a band is, when you had essentially forgotten about them for the last 5 years? I don't think I've even really thought about Sublime since college (with the exception of some of their songs popping up on a summer mix at a lakehouse)...what a shame.

Sublime epitomizes Summer partying. I mean reggae-infused rock just sounds better when it's hot outside...and you have a cold beverage in your hand...and you're in the pool...and you're telling your square neighbor, O'Dowd do go F himself. F O'Dowd! Hey O'Dowd, you can't fight against the youth, cuz we're strong, them are rude rude people!

Which brings us to this week's SOTW: Badfish

This is one of my favorite Sublime songs. This song makes me regret growing up in a landlocked suburb because of the carefree domination displayed at this beach party. It incorporates all things awesome and rad.

Although Sublime is no more (Bradley Nowell died in 1996), Slightly Stoopid carries on the tradition and attitude through the Silverback record label. Shout out to Chris for living the dream. See you guys at the show this Saturday.

Hope you Dig,

Friday, April 16, 2010

Song of the Week (Big Punisher feat Joe - Don't wanna be a Player no more)

"I don't wanna be a playa no mo'...I'm not a playa I just crush a lot."

Oh Big Pun...thou art truly conflicted. On one hand, thou is seemingly tired of the "playa" lifestyle, and you long for the safety of domestic life: the white picket fence, the welsh corgi named Camper, dinner and a movie, etc. On the other hand, it's hard to give up that five-oh benzito or the twinzito (from which lye is puffed)...not to mention your kiko from queens nicknamed Perico.

Messr Punisher, is it possible that thou might be a modern day Jeckll / Hyde? Is is possible that by day you are just another young go-getter trying to find his soul mate? But once you imbibe that mysterious potion known as "Drank" / "Sizzurp" thou turn'ist into the dainjia-seeking playa who would seeketh out thy ghetto brunette, and would like nothing more than to parketh the jeep, pumpeth Mobb Deep and just sparketh the leaf.

Warning: Explicit Language (Zard...have you ever actually listened to these lyrics....drrrrrty)

Don't we all have a little Punisher in us? Were I to possess several cars, a plane, rap-ability, game, enormous weight problem, etc...I would likely face some of the same pressures as Messr Punisher. I ask you this: How can one not wanna be a playa no mo' if one has never been a playa? Did I just blow your f'n mind?

In all seriousness, isn't it fun to pretend we are playas? Isn't that the point? No one ever pretends like they are getting played...cuz that would be ridiculous! It's much more fun to pour champagne on people on the dance floor than to have it poured on you...or is it?

Don't stop...git it git it!
Boricua, Morena

Shout out to Zard and, of course, the Big Ponisher.

Hope you Dig,

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Song of the Week (Goldfrapp - Rocket)

OK, so I've been getting some flack lately for focusing on more obscure and/or non-80s music in recent SOTW posts. In short: Noted.

My answer back is this obscure non-80s song: Rocket by Goldfrapp. Before you get all bent out of shape, you need to know that I believe Goldfrapp set out to create an 80s concept album. It's pretty f'ing sweet, and synthy 80s influenced. And as to the obscurity, I would wager that this album will receive its share of critical acclaim, if for nothing else, for being a great 80s pop album.

Do you guys remember that Saved by the Bell episode where, for some strange reason never revealed to the viewer, the SBTB gang is in someone's basement rehearsing some original music they just "came up with"? All of a sudden some British A&R agent is walking by and hears something he likes. You all know what happens next: F'ing Zack Attack B!tches!

Frieennnnddds 4-Ever, Always will be Friends...Talkin' bout Friiieeennndds! Don't act like you're too f'ing cool to sing the words. Cuz guess what? You're NOT you little punk!

BTW...who the F is Casey Casum? And why does he wear such awesome sweaters?

In a roundabout way, I have this picture in my mind of the SBTB cast writing music and getting super bad@ss at performing via Montage to this song by Goldfrapp. This would explain how the cast all of sudden wrote an entire album of HITS.

This being the year of premature superlative declarations, I'm going to make an early call for SOTW's coveted Summer Theme Song for 2010. I believe last year's winner was M83's We Own the Sky...which they did in the Summer of 2009.

You must have a Summer Theme Song. What else are you gonna listen to when you're getting all jacked up about the weekend this Friday after you get out of the shower?

BTW...Yeasayer exceeded expectations last night. I would like to personally thank Yeasayer for for slaying so hard.

I would also like to thank the below Hipster spotted at the show last night at the Granada:
I give you the fabled Uber-Hipster: notice the yellow mullet, ironically large glasses, black filled earings, bow-tie, cardigan, cigarette / booze drink / other hand in pocket combo (it says, hey I'm classy, yet cool), shorts (it was about 45degrees out), shoes w/o socks (socks are for squares anyway), and above ankle tat (likely acquired in Highschool to act out against his Corporate father).

Hope you Dig,

Friday, April 2, 2010

Song of the Week (Yeasayer - Tightrope)

This week's installment serves many purposes:
1) Song of the Week ("SOTW")
2) an ode to Hipster-dom
3) SOTW concert bump

Yeasayer (pronounced Yay-say-er according to my indie roommate, as opposed to Yeah-say-er according to the tragically un-hip) is what is known as and "Indie Darling". This is another way of saying that this decidedly awesome band has yet to be discovered by producers of Jay Leno, 94.5 The Edge, or other various means of "selling-out".

Yeasayer will be crushing the stage of Granada Theater in Dallas next Thursday (April 8th). For the un-indoctrinated, I would like to profile a few of the likely Hipster archetypes (credit to Carles @ Hipster Run-Off for the inspiration):

1) Collegiate Hipster - this hipster likely got a drinking band via a fade-I.D. and is going to be near the front of the stage acting cool and tough to attract his female counterpart. He is likely sporting an animal shirt (let's go with Zebra) and a colorful scarf of some sort. His shoes are way cooler than anything you have seen in your closet, and his jeans are so tight, they were likely just painted on. His haircut / sporadic facial hair would get him fired lickity-split if he worked at your office.

2) Experimental hipster - many of us know people in this category. Even the author of this blog has dabbled in this hipster scene. The typical Dallas Experi-Hipster can be spotted at the Double-Wide and occasionally around the Granada wearing a 2-weeks growth mustache, slim jeans, Chuck Taylors, and an Am-Appy T (American Apparel...I also laughed when I learned what the f this is), and glasses ( realize the irony in writing's not lost on me).

3) Old-man hipster - you have seen this hipster in a tattered Mudhoney or Pavement Concert T dated circa 1991 at a hole-in-the-wall music venue in Deep Ellum. This hipster likely works at a coffee shop and/or programs Iphone apps to fund his concert going, Pabst Blue Ribbon drinking and American Spirit smoking. There is a good chance he is disenfranchised, or conflicted, or concerned that no one "gets" him. In any given conversation with him, you will be able to slice the condescending sarcasm with a butter knife. When he has kicked back a few PBRs he'll give you a tutorial on the infinite benefits of legalizing if his hemp necklace didn't give him away!

Other Hipster profiles I won't go into detail about right now:
1) the Blip-ster
2) Trust-afarian Hipster
3) Self-Loathing Hipster
4) Ironic Hipster
5) Faux Hipster
6) BroBra Hipster
7) Tatted hot girl who works at Barcadia Hipster
8) My cat Sam...with his condescending tail wagging and his eyes that see right through you, and his laser breath...

I've said a lot about hipsters and not a lot about Yeasayer. Needless to say, Yeasayer says it all without saying anything. They should change their name to Yea-slayer, cuz that's what they are gonna do at the Granada next Thursday night! OHHHHHHHH Shhhheeeeeeiiiiittttt!

I give you: Tightrope (my current fave Yeasayer jam)

Hope you Dig,