Friday, November 12, 2010

Song of the Week (Some guy...maybe named ISA - Movin' Like Berney)

Not to worry babies, SOTW isn't going anywhere. In compensation for the absentee SOTW from last week, I bring you a very special dance craze that is sweeping the nation: "The Berney"

"WTF?" is what the layperson might say when viewing said dance craze. Yes, I know it's mis-spelled / awesome.

The truth is that Weekend at Bernies and the lesser-known but equally impactful Weekend at Bernies 2 came out (on vhs) at a pivotal time in my life circa 1990 - 94. The Member's Only jacket wave was cresting. By all accounts, Andrew McCarthy had a bright future. And towards the end of this time frame, dead people learned how to dance when music was playing.

"When it's da weekend, we movin' like Berney!"

You said it ISA! If I had a dollar for everyone I saw "movin' like Berney" last weekend, I'd probably have over $12! Although, I suspect the "Berney Movers" after the wedding had not likely heard of the "Berney".

Shout out to TBS and the USA network for showing Weekend at Bernies (I and II) endlessly throughout the last 20 years.

Shout out to Markus Turner for the video, who also stars as the white guy in the video.

"If it ain't about money, then it really don't concern Meh"

Hope you Dig,