Thursday, March 25, 2010

Song of the Week (Calloway - I Want to Be Rich)

OK, I have to give credit where credit is due. My boy Mark Turner sent me this little gem earlier in the week, and I nearly lost it. I can't stress this enough...please watch this video.

The video tells a story, really a parable, about money...and more specifically the lack of said monies, and the desire for increases in amounts in one's pockets. I imagine the filming of the video was more than loosely based on reality and the thought process went something like this:

1) with the long some dumbell curls. I'm gonna iron this shirt to get the wrinkles out (basically, we're doing werk tonight...ya heard?)
2) OH HEEELLLL NAW! Notice of vehicle repossesion!? You paid the bill...right? No?! ...tears
3) Clearly all of my problems would dissappear with some a dat cash! (as an aside, Calloway clearly never met Biggie Smalls, because where there are increases of money, increases of problems are sure to follow):

This is the point in the video where it become more indescribable. You just have to watch and enjoy these incredible dance moves and all-around baller-ness. Such style...such composure...cue hot crazy girl fan attempting to maul Calloway on stage...

By the way, what's the f'ing deal with the drummer? I'm speechless...

As an aside, weren't r&b artists and rappers (of the non-gangsta variety) whimsical back in the 90s? It was as if my 2nd grade teacher (Mrs. Wilson) asked all of these guys what they want to be when they grow up:

1) Skee-Low (remember that guy?) - I wish I was taller
2) Vanilla Ice - Go Ninja Go Ninja Go (I mean I liked Ninja Turtles too!...when I was 11...)
3) Calloway - I want to be Rich

Hope you Dig,

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Song of the Week (Blockhead - Triptych Part 3)

First off: shout out to the young and talented Jody Staggs for his solid guest post from one of my personal favorite artists: David Gilmour (50% of Pink Floyd). Well played sir. The lasers certainly brightened up my Friday.

Now to this week. Ever since I got my life-changing Akai XR-20 (it's a drum machine), I've been on a pretty massive exploration of all things with Electronic beats. Warning: One can't walk into Electronica without standards. There's a lot of terrible terrible sh!t out there, of course. With that said, my prerequisites lately have been the following:
1) Legit beat (clearly a must)
2) Chilled out vibe
3) Melodic
4) Radd

Blockhead duz it with his 2004 EP: Music by Cavelight (Triptych part 3 especially)

So I was running the other day, listening to my recently acquired Blockhead album, and this song came on. After the first 45 seconds I was like: Ok...this is pretty cool. 15 second later this bassline came on and slapped me in the face with some of the most awesome pain of 2K10. And then the sampled vocals came on, and I was like: F Yes! I felt like I was in a movie, where I was doing something super cool like attacking bad guys.

You can imagine my excitement when I actually checked out the video. I don't want to spoil the surprise (you'll find out in the first 30 seconds). Needless to say...the video alone fulfills the "Radd" prerequisite.

I want each of you to try listening to this song while doing something Radd. Here are a few suggestions:
1) riding a bike
2) petting a kitten
3) eating a doner kebab
4) beating a Nintendo game (original NES of course...bonus if it's Mike Tyson's Punchout)
5) grocking a model (Spence / DP - you know what I'm talkin about)

Hope you Dig,

Song of the Week (David Gilmour+Kate Bush - Running up that Hill)

Song of the Week guest poster (status officially granted by JZ)

Ladies and Gents,

Some have argued JZ’s witty prose and creativity stem from his inner being attempting to escape the drudgery known as “Big Blue”. We are getting ready to test this hypothesis as today is our fearless poster’s last day at Galleria Tower II. I for one believe his material will remain superb.

I initially settled on Tupac’s “Changes” for this tribute post, but decided that was too cliché, and besides, we all know JZ’s favorite Tupac song is “Dear Mama”. Fortunately I came across this gem by Kate Bush and David Gilmour:

It has everything young Johnny appreciates in quality 80s songs/videos – a catchy beat, lots of synthesizers/odd shaped instruments, tons of flashing lights, and one of the best spike-mullets these eyes have ever seen.

So here’s to you John. Best of luck in your new endeavor and know that your days of “Running up that Hill” are over.

Guest Post by: Jody Staggs

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Song of the Week (DJ Shadow - Midnight in a Perfect World)

For those of you who like cool sh!t, you're in for a treat. DJ Shadow is truly a master of the turntables and has created/sampled some of the greatest songs (to chill to) of all time. The album, Endtroducing was the first album to be created entirely from sampled material, using an MPC. I get mixed reviews when I go off the reservation (so to speak) and pull out some lesser-known gems, but I assure you, that you will like this, or you simply have bad taste in music. There! I said it! I apologize...for hurting your feelings.

Excerpt from the Wikipedia page:
NPR included Endtroducing..... in its list of the top 300 American songs and albums of the 20th century,[2] and Spin placed the album at number 69 in its list of the 100 greatest albums between 1985 and 2005 in June 2005.[3] In 2006, the album was chosen by TIME as one of the 100 best albums of all time.[4].

The title to this song is "Midnight in a Perfect World". The video is DJ Shadow's interpretation of his personal Utopia, along with spliced videos of samples he used. It's an amazing video that stands on its own. I like this video because it's 1 part Art, 1 part Passion, and 1 part Cool.

Midnight in MY Perfect World would go something like this:
1) I invent a new instrument called the Laser Fist that I quickly master (fairly self explanatory).

2) Massive Attack, RJD2, M.I.A. and DJ Shadow are so impressed with the Laser Fist that they ask me to do a Live Colab in a giant Hotel Room that is entirely covered in various Mirrors (you know, for the lasers)

3) All of my friends are invited and we meet several new cool people who are interested in everything we say and want nothing more than to admire our totally rad dance moves.

4) Some of my enemies show up, and try to get into the most dominant party of all time. I tell my enemies that they are welcome to come in, and I take them to a secret room that is a double mirror and lock them in, so they are forced to watch us have the most awesome time. Meanwhile Big & Rich is playing their greatest hits in a loop in the secret room. Also, there are several Cobrasnakes roaming around the secret room that also breath fire (these are very rare).

5) The show lasts several hours, during which time, several of my friends (including my cat, Sam) guest star for various songs. The compilation reaches 10x Platinum status. Nice work everyone.

Shout out to my soon to be ex-roommate, Mary. Hopefully, you will realize your own personal "Midnight" this being your last official weekend in town.

Hope you Dig,