Friday, May 4, 2012

Song of the Week (M83 - Teen Angst)

What’s that feeling? It’s that Teen Angst, y’all! Yes, I’m aware that M83 has been getting a lot of play on the SOTW circuit, but in case you didn’t notice, M83 is totally rad.

Don’t act like you don’t get teen angst, because you do. We all get a little teen angst every now and then. Hell, I’m getting some teen angst just writing about it. I feel like there are 2 types of angst: teen and real talk. Real talk angst encompasses work, family, stock portfolios, diplomatic snafus, health, gang violence and the like (#realtalkangst).

Teen angst is much more interpersonal. It’s like when you walk into a party and someone makes fun of your shoes (#teenangst). Or, when your cat, Sam, bites you, even though you’re just trying to feed / pet him (#teenangst). I’ll tell you who doesn’t get teen angst: Sam the cat. I’ve never met a more angst-free creature on the planet. I think it’s because he has memorized the lyrics to “Teen Angst” by M83.

I realized last night, that this is my fave M83 song. It seems to come on my playlist at the right times. It's upbeat enough to get some PT at a party, yet it's indie enough to garner street cred. The lyrics are minimalist, like most M83, but also awesome.

Birthday shout out to Hurricane Gordo, and early birthday shout out to Big Dad. Who knew that two of my close friends would turn 69 in the same weekend!? And finally, wedding weekend shout out to Ponisher. One thing is for sure, the cure to teen angst is birthday partyness! And marriage! Oh wait…teen/marital angst setting in…

I wish everyone a teen angst-free weekend.

Hope you Dig,