Monday, November 7, 2011

Song of the Week (Dave Matthews Band - Crush)

I know what you're thinking...WTF JZ! Dave Matthews? I mean seriously...

Lay off kimosabee! This is a special dedication to my boy C. Scott. As some of you know Chris got married last weekend, and his favorite band is DMB. I have to admit, Scott is dedicated. He's stuck with Dave through the Lilawhite (sp?) sessions. He's been to over 50 Dave shows all over the U.S. And he remains a devoted fan to the bringers of late 90s-style partyness.

You remember those days. You smuggled an Ozarka bottle of vodka into Coca-Cola Starplex circa 1999. You probably almost got into a fight with some "dudes from HP" cuz they were "talking sh!t". But don't worry, Larry and Kenneth had your back so you could show those punks what's up. You probably attempted to makeout with a girl during "Say Goodbye", with your vodka-sprite in one hand and camel light in the other (so f'n classy). "Oh man, is that Ants Marching? Oh shhhheeeeiiittt! That's my track! Dude...if they play Dreaming Tree, I'm gonna f'ing lose it!" At this point you've "Said Goodbye" to whatever grrl you were hollerin' at, cuz Dave's jammin' a 10 minute version of Watchtower. Bizzness!

Yes those were certainly times in our lives.

Say what you will about DMB, but them dudes can play. Carter Beauford is arguably the greatest guy hitting the skins today, Dave is no slouch on the acoustic and the supporting cast is all top-shelf.

On a personal level (isn't it always personal?), Dave is firmly etched into my High School experience. I wasn't the biggest fan, but man, those guys dominated the airwaves for a spell. And guys like C. Scott and Dallas Gall rocked it endlessly. No regrets there.

I give you "Crush":

This was one of my fave Dave tracks, probably due to Stefan's fat bass line. It also feels a little darker than other Dave tunes...which, in this case, is a good thing.

Shout out to Christoph on getting married. Well played sir. And birthday shout out to Wong and Green. You're just gonna have to support Dave this week, damies. Prouda y'all.

Hope you Dig,

Friday, November 4, 2011

Song of the Week (AraabMUZIK - Feelin' so Hood)

A lot of the music that has interested me lately has been largely beat driven. Well, it has to sound good too, but I'm especially impressed with creative beats. Dubstep seems pretty played out right now, which means my Mom is about to ask me: "Son of mine! Have you heard about this new dubstep music?! I heard this band called Skittllesaurus Rex (Skrillex) It's kinda like Ghostparty (what my Mom calls Ghostland)."

AraabMUZIK is pretty f'n legit. My man Eric Zimmermann told me to check em out, and so I did. I hope this style is the next iteration of dubstep. Don't get me wrong, I can dig some wobble-bass, but after 1,000 wahwahwahwah...wabawabawabawaba....wahwahwahwah(s), I get a little bored.

Check out: "Feelin' so Hood"

Admittedly, the video was probably put together by a USC film student (Freshman), but the song is the bombtrack. Best enjoyed when one is feelin' hood.

2 - 3 more weeks...oh man

Hope you Dig,