Friday, August 26, 2011

Song of the Week (Daft Punk - One More Time)

All apologies for taking a few weeks off. I had to go to NorCal with my travel partner (not to be confused with life partner) PT. Normally, I would do some sort of road-trip or vacay-inspired SOTW submission, however, this week is dedicated to High School.

As some of you LHHS Wildcat blog subscribers may already know, this weekend is the Class of '01, 10-year HS reunion. Coincidentally, it's also the Class of '81, 30-year HS reunion...I digress.

Some of us have been waiting for this moment for 10 years...others have been waiting since 10 minutes ago. I'm certain a reunion means different things to different people. Some people will enjoy seeing some of the old friends they haven't kept up with or F-book stalked. Some people are dreading seeing the one-that-got-away. Some people will recall bittersweet memories of starting a lawn mowing business out of a buddy's PT Cruiser and tearing the garage door down because "someone" left the back hatch open. That person may recall his Mom making him sleep in a cot in the driveway as punishment because his Dad was out of town... Many will hearken back to a time when your biggest worry was getting a coveted spot in someone's car for the weekend, en route to some parking lot, conducive to booze consumption. Others won't even attend. One thing is a near certainty: it will be interesting.

I don't think these were "the times of our lives" as some of us would like to believe. But they were definitely times. Sure, we'll see a few Uncle Rico's at the reunion. I bet we'll also have some Jerry Springer moments, but personally, I like life post-HS way better. Although, I wouldn't mind having unlimited time again...and a nicer cat named Sam...

Daft Punk's "One More Time" was our Senior Song, if there is such a thing. Looking back, I'm a little surprised we got that one through the gauntlet. Who would have thought with all the terrible music out there, we could achieve such a classy song from that French electro-powerhouse known as Daft Punk? I'm talking about 2001, before Kanye and T-Pain butchered the vocoder, in a pre-Kesha world. 2001 had it's share of awfulness, but we're not here to remember that are we. Can you feel the teen angst coming back? I hope I get a date to the Sadie Hawkins Dance...

As with all Daft Punk vids, prepare for some cartoon/weirdness:

As an aside, I give you the Friday Song (Battleflag by Lo Fi Allstars to be played in a black 4-Runner at approximately 4:30pm on Friday after school / wrestling practice.
Pretty cool video, that I didn't see until this week.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Song of the Week (Type O Negative - Summer Breeze)

Feel that? That's that summer breeze fam. I know I know, it's a 114 degree summer breeze, but a breeze nonetheless.

Summer Breeze was originally written by Seals and Croft. It's the song you hear on your way home from summer camp and you're like "F yes". You crank up the music as your mom finally stops asking you why you didn't write her any letters so you can listen to the song. John Graeber wrote his mom letters...

The windows are down, and leg drumming ensues with a brief air guitar solo. You can't wait to dominate some Megaman 3 when you get home.

Fast forward to 1999. You download some sweet new (to you) Type O trax via Napster. Oh here's a hidden gem called "Summer Breeze." I wonder if it's a cover of the Seals and Croft track. It is...and it's the most awesome cover of all time? Perhaps. people call them "Type O" because the "Negative" is implied.

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Type O was one of the most successful bands to come out of the Goth-Metal movement, with their album "Bloody Kisses" going platinum. That's pretty mind blowing if you think about it...such a niche genre. Type O had an incredible stage show, led by the towering (6'8") frontman, singer and bassist Peter Steele. Unfortunately, Peter Steele passed away on April 14th, 2010 from heart failure.

Some people are afraid to like a band like Type O, for fear of what people might think. I think I'm more afraid not to like them, for fear of an undead Peter Steele. RIP Peter Steele.

Seals and Croft (the original, and also awesome)

Shout out to Erik Greene for the rec. He's loves this death.

Also, a shout out to Mark and Benny. If you popped into any house (potentially Travis') with a piano and Mark circa 1999, you would have heard a legit rendition of "Christian Woman" featuring Mark on piano and vocals, with Ben and JZ on bud lite / backup vocals.

Last shout out, I promise: Shout out to PWigz. It's your birthday! You're older! In all seriousness, SOTW thanks PWigz for his legit submission last week. Very solid track and write-up.

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