Thursday, April 14, 2011

Song of the Week (Big Freedia - Y'all Get Back Now)

I dropped the ball again...I know. You would be surprised just how hard Jenga is.

All I have to say is: OMG!

My buddy PT sent this to me last week and I nearly lost it. I mean the song is deafening, unless you are participating in a boot camp or a double dutch contest. A pioneer in the "Sissy Bounce" subgenre of "Bounce", big Freedia also operates an interior design side business. I'm pretty sure Kany West also runs one of these businesses called: "Drapes by D-bags".

However, the genius of this video is many fold. If you don't even open the video link, not to worry, here is a play-by-play from the Director's perspective:
1) Ok Big Freedia, I'm gonna need you to grab several outfits from the archives of "In Living Color"
2) You got em? Ok start yelling non-sense and shaking your ass in a circular motion...also cue clouds moving in fast motion
3) Cue similar ass shaking from what appears to be an underage girl (definitely an underage girl)
4) Cue mass ass shaking from children...seriously children...I don't want anyone over the age of 17 out there shaking it (note: these are the views of the director...not those of JZ)
5) Now...someone get me that laser that makes people giant
6) Big Freedia, start pointing at people and dancing on buildings...yes...more of that
7) Someone get me some white people...stat. Ok white people, act as if you are seeing a giant ghey black man shaking his ass on some buildings...great job
8) Big it's time for your extended ass shaking solo in white pants...start yelling different stuff...but don't stop yelling...ever
9) White don't find yourself coming under the spell of the Sissy Bounce beats with the smooth yellings of messr Big start dancing like white people...i.e. like you are learning how to use our arms and legs for the first time
10) Cue black kids dancing...yes...way better than white sure to do all the ass moves we talked about (again: director's views)
11) Extended "boom" solo
12) Someone get me a fat white guy to dance like people at the Slip Inn
13) all of you are in outer space
14) all of you are dancing on buildings like Godzilla
15) Great job who wants SKITTLES!?

Please watch the video...I need people to talk with about this. It's just so strange. Y'all get back now.

Hope you Dig,

Song of the Week (Mogwai - Rano Pano)

This week's SOTW is Mogwai's Rano Pano. For those of you who don't know, Mogwai is one of my all-time fave bands. Their most recent album: "Hardcore will Never Die, but You Will" is a testament to the band's "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" staying power. These days, so many artists attempt to transcend genres or show-off their "eclectic" side. Not Mogwai. Similar to my experience at Eatzies, Mogwai delivers the same top-notch grilled chicken sandwich every time. Except, in this case the grilled chicken sandwich is sonic radness.

"Rano Pano" is without a doubt my favorite song on the new album. You'll see why. Masters of the buildup, Mogwai (or Mog-wizzle) start off with some distorted guitars, add in some driving bass and then comes the synthesizers. Did I hear a theremin in there too? OH MAN!

I was at first disappointed with the video. It appears to be too drunk guys (near my age) playing grab-ass. What's the message here Mogwai? (I thought). Then I realize what's going on: these guys are building a portal to another dimension to bring back super hot girls wearing Star Wars gear. Bravo Mogwai! I love the embracing of nerdiness and the shear disregard for all things cool/hip. It's so refreshing when juxtaposed with a Kanye West video. I haven't said this in a while, but F Kanye.

As we "grow older with concerts" it's important for us to understand that we are all becoming less cool by the day (wah wah). With each show I attend, I recognize an additional reason I'm now considered uncool (by the cool):

1) Where's my unkempt facial hair?
2) Why am I wearing sleeves?
3) Why don't I have more "accessories"?
4) Who just punched me in the face?
5) Seriously, was that you?

Personally, I'm OK with this. I think everyone "freezes" a style at some point in their life that suits them. My Dad's freeze date was circa 1984 and involves Ranger T-shirts and short shorts. My Mom's freeze date was closer to 1989 and involves, occasionally, be-dazzled sweatshirts. My cat Sam hasn't frozen yet. He's still getting cooler...but man is he an @sshole! Just the other day I saw him wearing an animal T-shirt (it was a cat, by the way...) and wearing obnoxiously large headphones listening to something I'll probably discover next year (he wouldn't let me listen). I think I froze last week. Some the future...when "cool kids" are wearing pants made out of fiber optic cable and lasers...I'll still be wearing my slip-ons and corduroys. Suck it FUTURE!

I'll see you at the Mogwai concert on 5/15/2011 at the Granada.

Shout out to Neil Ferrari. OH MAN are we gonna miss you...oh man!

Hope you Dig,