Friday, November 16, 2012

Song of the Week (Y. N. Rich Kids - Hot Cheetos and Takis)

Sup there fam.  This week brings us a long awaited SOTW discussing the most important meal of the day:  Snacks!  My sister, Zard, sent this to me and has been requesting an SOTW for months.  At long last, I give you:

Hot Cheetos and Takis

This video is the absolute jam.  These kids have some sick rhymes and produced a pretty legit video.  It even rivals the oft-overlooked Lazer Katz, who took the world by storm in the summer of 2010.  Clearly, the best kid is the little skinny one that just'll see.     

This vid got me thinking about awesome snacks.  There is no disputing the awesomeness of hot cheetos, but who here has even had a taki?  Show of hands?  OK, only 2.  That's what I thought.

What were your hot cheetos and takis?  Mine were blue gushers and string cheese.  Not at the same time you silly goose!  The string cheese was combined with nacho cheese doritos in a 1 part cheese:  2 parts dorito ratio.  The gushers were savored at the end of lunch with half of the pack eaten one at a time and the remainder stuffed into my mouth all at once, washed down with a luke-warm caffeine free coke.  Yeah, caffeine free (the gold can).  My mom was weird like that. 

Oh but just because I'm 30 doesn't mean snack time is over.  Au contraire.  The only difference between now, and 20 years ago, is that my mom can't limit my gusher intake to one pouch.  Well, I have actually moved on from starbursts and skittles.  Red starbursts and skittles!  Red starbursts and skittles!  I can't get enough of them red starbursts and skittles!  Snack!  This isn't going to make sense unless you watch the video.
The other day, I was interviewing people about their fave know, doing research for SOTW, per uge...when I got an unsolicited response from Sam the cat.  Keep in mind, I was interviewing people...not cats...

So apparently, Sam the cat is keen on Fancy Feast and crickets.  I was like:  "ummm...yeah that sounds awesome Sam...really...tasty."  Then he tried to insert a rap about it, but it just came out like "meow meow meow meow meow-mow..."  I was all like:  "Sam, you can't rap meow with meow over and over, you stupid idiot!"  Then he bit me, ran and hid under the bed.  Sam, I got some bone bread from Eatzie's with your name on it!  #breadingcatsainthard


Hope you Dig,