Friday, August 24, 2012

Song of the Week (Fatboy Slim - Praise You)

Dream of the 90s is alive in...Dallas!

This week brings us something that really embodies a different side of the 90s: Techno. Don't act like you didn't like techno, because you did. I was there, and I saw you liking it.

Love it or hate it, techno was part of the Dallas scene. For a period of time in the 90s, Dallas was an epicenter of international techno. Pioneering the warehouse/underground rave scene, Dallas pulled top DJs from across the planet (mostly Europe, NY and L.A.). One such DJ is Fatboy Slim.

If this song doesn't make you wanna dance, then you are a robot. And if you are a robot that doesn't like to dance, then you're a robot I don't wanna hang with...FACE!

This video is one of my favorites from the 90s. I remember watching it on MTV and then spending the next 3 hours downloading a low-res audio version via Napster on my dial-up AOL-enabled home computer. Back in the 90s when you saw a video on MTV, you had to just keep watching MTV until it came on again. Youtube was but a dream.

Today we've been Tosh.0'd to death with a nouveau version of America's Funniest Home Videos. Except Daniel Tosh is a Nancy'er version of Bob Sagat. And MTV is a shadow of it's former self. Just watch "Guy Code" or "16 and Pregz". Do you think kids today will hearken back with nostalgia about 16 and Pregz via their blog, circa 2030? I really hope not.

Thus concludes our 2-week 90s-exploration. This is your final gentle reminder to purchase your Back to Bayside tickets: Ticket Registration

If anyone can replicate these dance moves tomorrow night...I'll just lose the best possible way.

Hope you Dig,

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